Our Food


Our Food


Even with the variety and endless customization available, at Pita Pit we never cease developing new offerings in all segments of the product lineup.

The Pita Pit team is constantly on the look out for, and testing, new ideas. As an international organization with localized product offerings across the globe, Pita Pit has the advantage of drawing from the innovation of our international partners to develop and test new ingredients, flavours and products. Ones that are successful and appropriate for new markets will be introduced as a Limited Time Offer (LTO). LTO offerings that have significant market appeal and attractive margins can be rotated into the core offering.


Personalized Process 

The process of ordering a Pita is as unique as each of your customers and is an opportunity to connect with each one and share a bit of Pita Pit Culture.

No other restaurant franchise offers as many food options and combinations as we do: there are over a trillion different possible pita combinations. Why do we offer this many choices? Because we believe our customers should be able to make their pitas exactly the way they want it.


Catering & Delivery

The portability of the Pitas is ideal for both delivery and catering as they arrive at their final destination in perfect condition – try that with a burger and fries!

The versatility of the pita and party salads is perfect for catering groups as they can accommodate all tastes and almost all dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and low carb diners. This combination opens up two strong sales channels to add to your in-store customer volume.  


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